LGBTQIA+ Sexual Health Support

At the Sexual Health Centre, we are delighted to be able to offer services of a dedicated Sexual Health Advisor to people in Cork who associate as members of LGBTQIA+ community. They provide sexual health advice and support in an understanding and warm environment, in a wide range of matters such as healthy relationships, sexuality, sexual dysfunction, gender and sexual identity.

Services provided as part of the project

  • Sexual Health Advice for LGBTQIA+ people focusing on healthy relationships, sexual issues, sexual function and dysfunction and sexual orientation,

  • Sexual risk information and brief interventions focused on protective behaviours,

  • Support for people (in conjunction with family where appropriate) on “coming out”,

  • Support on coping with family and relationships,

  • Information and support in relation to gender identity and sexual identity support,

  • LGBTQIA+ sexual health advice and training for youth workers and professionals,

  • Tailored educational programmes for professionals working with LGBTQIA+ groups, universal groups or individuals to enhance their self-esteem and reduce risk-taking behaviours.

Booking an appointment

You can make an appointment by sending an email to info@sexualhealthcentre.com, calling the Sexual Health Centre on 021 427 5837 or contacting Jack directly at jackfitzgerald@sexualhealthcentre.com.