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Although it happens quite slowly, puberty is the time when the body changes because it starts producing hormones to make it ready for sexual development. The sexual parts are switched on, moods change, and body parts change. Puberty can happen to you later or earlier than to your friends. This is normal.


Male changes

  • Shoulders broaden

  • Facial hair appear

  • Voice deepens

  • Penis gets longer and wider

  • Testes (balls) get bigger


  • Underarm and pubic hair

  • Body odour

  • Spots

  • Mood changes

  • Growing pains

  • Emotional changes

  • Sexual attraction

Female changes

  • Breasts and nipples get bigger

  • Waist narrows

  • Hips widen

  • Ovaries, womb and vulva get bigger

  • Periods begin

  • The vagina gets a bit bigger and produces more fluids (discharge)

  • Skin may get greasy


Ciara's experience

Change is supposed to be good . But surely changes that make you more spotty, sweaty, increase your body size and a lot more awareness when members of the opposite sex are within a ten mile radius and that un-stoppable bright red flush creeps up your neck and doesn’t stop and you end up shining like a beacon – surely this can’t be good change?

Well, my friends and I certainly didn’t think so. We moaned constantly and continually – that is until we realised that along with these changes came more welcome ones – more noticeably larger breasts and womanly curves (eventually). But then – uh oh, the thing your mother has been waiting for so that she can squawk and squeal “my baby’s finally a woman” (much to my eternal embarrassment). PERIODS – This is it – the one that made me curse the male sex for not being able to experience this strange, emotional, slightly painful (cramps) and having to buy those ugly but comfortable big knickers. But I do take some childish relish when after over-reacting to some little thing again! (PMT) realisation slowly dawns.
So what I’m trying to say is that puberty is a very mixed bag. But once I knew what was happening, I was fine.

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