Effects of Alcohol & Drugs on Sexual Life

  • Alcohol can make you behave in a way that you wouldn’t if you were sober

    According to the SHAG (Sexual Health and Attitudes, Galway) 2017 survey, 60% of Irish women and 55% of men say they are more likely to do sexual things that they wouldn’t do if sober and almost 30% of both men and women regretted their sexual experience after consuming alcohol.

  • Many people have risky, unplanned and often unsatisfactory sex after using drugs, especially after using alcohol

    21% of Irish women and 30% of men confirmed that they are less likely (to ask a partner) to use a condom
    after drinking. The sexual performance is also noted to be affected.

  • Substance (ab)use can affect your capability to give a clear consent

    31.5% of women and 57% of men agree they find it harder to say “no” to sexual advances when being drunk or on drugs. However, this condition doesn’t remove the necessity to get a consent from the person before engaging in the sexual activity. Read more about consent here.

  • You are still responsible for your behavior, even if you are drunk or on drugs

If you are concerned about your alcohol or drug use you can find a list of supports here.