Susan Walsh

Outreach Worker

Susan is a community outreach worker whose main role is facilitating sexual health workshops in various youth and adult learning environments throughout Cork city and county.

Susan joined the team in 2013 working in our health promotion department and was trained to facilitate age-appropriate workshops in both school and community settings. Susan has built up relationships with many agencies varying from homeless services, addiction services, youth reaches and other community based projects. The outreach programme has grown considerably since 2013, extending to other communities such as the travelling community and migrant groups.

Susan believes in “seeing the person, and not the problem”, allowing her to establish strong relationships with service users, in particular if there is risk-taking behaviour present. Susan has found the relaxed and engaged approach to the delivery of the workshop enables us to gain the trust and respect of our groups, which is vital given the topic and sensitive nature of the subject. Susan is currently attending UCC, studying addiction studies part-time, and is originally from the North side of Cork City.