Everyone is entitled to their own sexuality without being judged, isolated, or bullied. Whether someone is Heterosexual (straight) and attracted to the opposite sex, Homosexual (Gay, Lesbian) and attracted to the same sex, or bisexual and attracted to both sexes, each individual is entitled to express their own sexuality without fear of discrimination.

Sometimes people may feel insecure or confused about their sexual orientation and feel that they are isolated as they have no support as, unfortunately, there is still stigma against people who are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender). Having a good support network through your friends and family can help but some people may not be ready to express their sexuality to people that they know just yet.

No one should feel alone because of their sexuality. There are support organisations in Ireland that can offer one-to-one counselling, support groups, and confidential helplines.

L.I.N.C ( Lesbians In Cork)  ) 021 4808600

Southern Men’s Health Project 021 4304884

Cork Lesbian Line 021 4318318

Gay information Cork helpline 021 4271087

LGBT helpline 1890 929 539