Peer Education

Peer Education at the SHC is about young people receiving training and support in order that they can acquire knowledge and information on sexual health and drugs and in turn pass that information on appropriately to their peers in informal and formal settings. Self esteem building, self exploration, and expression and behaviour change are central themes of training and the follow on work.

Why provide such a service?

Peers listen so much to each other it makes sense to make the contact of what they hear from each other as accurate and helpful as possible. Through interaction with their peers the peer educators can model positive, sager behaviours. Peer Education can also help the peer educators themselves. They learn new skills and gain knowledge and confidence.

Who do we provide for?

Peer education at the SHC targets young people who have an interest in their own health and the health and well being of other young people. In order to become a peer educator, a young person must be able to interact with their peers and must be interested in the subjects being examined in the programme. High levels of literacy are not required but commitment to finish the programme is.