HIV Support Service

Our HIV Support Service is for clients who are HIV positive and for their significant others. It is also for those who have concerns or require information about HIV. Clients can access counselling, one-to-one personal and group support. People with HIV may also avail of peer education training so that they can act as supports and educators in their own communities.

Why provide such a service?

People with HIV often face stigma and discrimination and can feel very isolated. They may also have a range of other problems that make it difficult for them to cope with their HIV diagnosis or treatments. The HIV Support Service at the Sexual Health Centre responds to the needs of each individual. It has been shown in various studies that such support is vital in helping people to live healthy lives.

Who do we provide the service for?

It is available to those with HIV and their significant others. We also provide information and a helpline for those who may have concerns about or require information on HIV and STIs (sexually transmitted infections).