Sexual Health Promotion

The Health Promotion team at the Sexual Health Centre delivers skills based workshops to Schools, Youth and Community groups, parents and professionals in the Cork and Kerry area. We have been delivering training programmes since 1987. Our workshops are accessible, comprehensive and based on enhancing positive sexual health for all. We allow young people to discuss in a format that allows them to be comfortable in the group and with the topics.

Why Promote Sexual Health

Research indicates that good quality sex education helps young people start their sex lives later. Sexual health promotion is important as statistics indicate that sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies are on the increase. This also tackles misinformation they may receive from the internet, TV, or other sources.


Our team provides workshops that work with the students own knowledge, attributes and behaviours. Sexual health information is covered incorporating the life skills needed; Self esteem, Negotiation, Decision Making and Accessing Services. Our workshops reflect the needs of the students and are respectful of the ethos of the school. All our programs are age appropriate.

Youth & Community Groups

Our team delivers workshops to youth and community groups that may not have access through their local schools.


The Education team provide training for professionals who wish to work in this area. This training is structured over a number of sessions and is accompanied by necessary technical support.


Following on from the latest research and feedback from our own sessions we also provide sessions for parents to support them in delivering information and help them in dealing with these issues.

School Feedback

2nd years:

“It was good, games kept us awake. It was a good course and I think the lady giving the talk was very nice and saw things from our perspective”.
“It was a very fun and enjoyable experience. I learned a lot of new things that will ‘help’ me in the future”
“I found this lesson very interesting and I learned a lot of stuff that can help me out as I continue with my life. Keep at it”
“It was educational; I learned a lot and had a laugh as well”

Transition year:

“In this work shop our TY group learnt loads of new things. I think this talk is a good opportunity for young people to find out everything in great detail. I personally didn’t know everything and came out quite educated about sexual health”
“I found the sexual health talk very informative. I learnt new things in a fun way. I thought the woman was very good at delivering the talk. I liked the fact we could have given our own opinion”
“I thought it was very interesting and informative, I liked the way they broke up the talking with more interactive stuff”
“I really enjoyed the course and I truly recommend the course to other 4th years. The course was perfect and I think there are no changes needed”
“This workshop was extremely helpful and I learned so much more. I went into the talk under the impression that I knew everything..i couldn’t be more wrong. One of the main factors was that I realised that people in relationships need to communicate and doing things just because it’s the ‘next step’ is wrong. Also finding out about the centre in Cork and how they give free tests for diseases actually put my mind at ease. We were able to ask whatever questions we wanted which was quite a relief as I feel as if we have always had questions but never knew how to ask them. Also learning other people’s views on topics was really interesting as I changed my opinion on topics simply because I was hit with the facts which I found slightly surprising.”

5th years

“It was good because we learned a lot more information on how easy it is to get pregnant, along with getting several different diseases such as herpes or an STD. The practical element to the talk was very beneficial as the interacting with one another helped us learn more. The speaker was really good as she was very enthusiastic about teaching it so we learned more. Overall it was a brilliantly run talk”
“I thought that the workshop was very interesting and informative. It taught us lots of beneficial information which were very important as well as solving some myths that some people may have. The use of the condoms was very good and helpful to prevent STI’s etc. The workshop was definitely beneficial and I would recommend it to anyone”
“It was very educational and somewhat of an eye-opener. It cleared up any uncertainties I had and made me more confident in myself. It was also a laugh!”