Getting Pregnant


Trying to get pregnant? Here some helpful tips:

Before trying for a baby you should:

  • Check that you have been vaccinated against Rubella (German measles). German measles when contracted when pregnant can be very harmful to an unborn baby so check with your doctor you are vaccinated BEFORE you start trying to conceive.
  • Take Folic Acid supplements. Folic Acid can help prevent defects of a baby’s brain and spinal cord. It is recommended that women take a supplement of at least 400 micrograms for at least 3 months prior to trying to conceive and continue throughout the first trimester of pregnancy. Folic Acid can be purchased in any local pharmacies.
  • Stop smoking as this will increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • Lower or stop your alcohol consumption, again this will increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • NO recreational drug taking should be considered when trying to conceive or throughout your pregnancy. This can seriously affect the chances of you conceiving and can be very unhealthy to an unborn child.
  • Eat healthy food. Eat regular balanced meals so you have all the nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy.
  •  It is important that your partner also stops smoking, lowers or his alcohol intake as this can affect the quality of his sperm. Also breathing in second hand smoke should be avoided when pregnant.

Trying to conceive:

It helps to keep track of your monthly cycle so you know when you are most likely to be ovulating. The average woman’s cycle is approximately 28 days. To calculate your own menstrual cycle you should take note from the first day of your period, and count how many days until your next bleed occurs.  Ovulation is most likely to occur 10-15 days before your next period arrives. This is considered a woman’s most fertile time and the time she will most likely conceive.

A woman’s egg only survives for between 12-24 hours although sperm can remain alive for up to 7 days once inside a woman’s body. This means that it is possible to conceive form intercourse that has taken place days prior to an egg being released as the sperm will be still be viable. It is possible to buy ovulation kits from pharmacies to help you to know when you have released an egg.