Q. Does it hurt the first time somebody has sex?

A. Sexual intercourse should not be painful for either males or females; however, the first time can be a daunting new experience and may be slightly uncomfortable for some people at first.

Q. Is it safe to use 2 condoms?

A. NEVER use two condoms together as this will cause friction and make the condoms tear/break. Using one condom correctly and safely every time is all that is required.

Q. Can flavoured condoms be used for penetrative sex?

A. NO, flavoured condoms are not designed to be used in penetrative intercourse, as some of their ingredients can cause issues in the vaginal area. They are to be used in ORAL SEX ONLY.

Q. If someone swallows sperm can they get pregnant?

A. NO, you cannot get pregnant if you swallow sperm. Sperm has to enter the vagina for pregnancy to occur. However, there is a risk of STI infection.

Q. Do all women orgasm?

A. Orgasms are different for men and women. Everybody is different and will experience orgasm and sex in different ways. It is important to be relaxed and comfortable with your own body.

Q. Can a girl get pregnant during her period?

A. YES, it is possible for someone to get pregnant during their period as a person may ovulate (release and egg) more than once a month. Even though there is a more fertile time of the month (11-16 days into a woman’s cycle), there is never a 100% safe time of the month.

Q. What is a yeast infection (Thrush)?

A. Any woman can get a yeast infection, even if she is not sexually active. A yeast infection causes a PH imbalance in the vagina producing a heavy discharge and irritation. It is easily treated with over the counter products from the pharmacy.

Thrush is NOT an STI but can be transferred between partners during sexual contact. Using non-perfumed products and wearing cotton underwear can help prevent a yeast infection from occurring.

Q. What is the average penis size?

A. The average penis size is approximately 3-5 inches when flaccid (not erect), although every male is different and should not compare themselves to others. In relation to sexual activity, penis size does not reflect on someone’s performance with their partner.