Pregnancy testing


Period late? Think you may be pregnant? We can help..

The Sexual Health Centre offers a free and confidential pregnancy testing service with fully trained friendly staff. No appointment is necessary; you can drop in anytime between 9am and 5pm, Monday through to Friday. Our staff understand this may be a worrying time for you and do everything they can to put you at ease in a calm and friendly environment. We offer a non-judgmental service, so you can feel free to ask us whatever questions you may have. Whatever the outcome of the test, we can offer you support. If you are pregnant and not sure where to turn, we can make an appointment for you with our crisis pregnancy counsellor for free and confidential support.

Unplanned pregnancy

The unplanned pregnancy counsellors provide a non-judgemental, professional and non-directive service to women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. We respectfully assist women to explore all their options:

  • Choosing to continue with the pregnancy
  • Choosing an adoption
  • Choosing an abortion

We offer

  • Free pregnancy counselling
  • Free pregnancy testing
  • Free post abortion counselling
  • Free post abortion check-up

Who do we provide the service for?

The possibility of an unplanned pregnancy is a reality that can be experienced by any woman. It can be experienced by any age group, any social stratum or can happen in any part of the country.

Why provide such a service?

When experiencing an unplanned pregnancy the woman may feel distressed and isolated. Knowing that support is available from a caring, non-directive, non-judgemental counsellor can be very helpful to women and/or their parents.

Client feedback:

“The counsellor was absolutely fantastic. She made me feel a lot better and a lot sure more sure about myself. So caring. Delighted I came, definitely coming back again.”

“Couldn’t be more pleasant and welcoming. Very positive, reassuring and supportive.”

“My personal experience can only be described as positive on all levels.”

“I am leaving here with a weight life off my shoulders. The counsellor gave me all the information I required but she also was wonderful to listen and made me feel so much at ease. For this I am truly grateful.”

“Very positive. Very helpful, non-judgmental and kind.”