Unplanned Pregnancy

The Unplanned Pregnancy Counsellors provide a non-judgemental, professional and non-directive service to women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. We respectfully assist women to explore all their options:

  • Choosing to continue with the pregnancy
  • Choosing an abortion
  • Choosing an adoption

We offer

  • Free pregnancy counselling
  • Free pregnancy testing
  • Free post abortion counselling
  • Free post abortion check-up

Who do we provide the service for?

The possibility of an unplanned pregnancy is a reality that can be experienced by any woman. It can be experienced by any age group, any social stratum or can happen in any part of the country.

Why provide such a service?

When experiencing an unplanned pregnancy the woman may feel distressed and isolated. Knowing that support is available from a caring, non-directive, non-judgemental counsellor can be very helpful to women and/or their parents.