Corporate Partnerships

The Sexual Health Centre welcomes the opportunity to develop new corporate relationships.  We seek to foster partnerships which benefit our centre and which are also beneficial to your company.  We are open to all ideas.

Below are some of our suggestions for ways in which we can work together:

Lunchtime Sessions:  The Sexual Health Centre offers lunchtime sessions on a number of issues including HIV, U=U, PEP & PrEP.  U=U is a very powerful tool in tackling the stigma around HIV.  You can read more about U=U here.   U=U is a message that we want to spread as widely as possible.  Also, for employees involved in the manufacturing of HIV medications, hearing the difference their work makes in peoples lives can be very powerful.  Some of our HIV positive clients are more than happy to speak about their experience of living with HIV during lunchtime sessions.

Rapid HIV Testing:  The Sexual Health Centre works in partnership with HIV Ireland in Dublin, GOSHH in Limerick and AIDS West in Galway on a national HIV testing initiative called KnowNow.  KnowNow aims to make testing for HIV as easy and accessible as possible.   We can provide this testing, with results in one minute to your employees on site.

Charity of the Month/Year: Make the Sexual Health Centre your charity of the month or your charity of the year.

Donations:  Become a major donor and help in the development of one of our services.

Donation of staff time:  The Sexual Health Centre is often in need of translations for our client forms and promotional materials.  We would greatly appreciate assistance from people with graphics or design experience and people who speak more than one language to help with translations.