Partnership Opportunities

At the Sexual Health Centre, we believe that by working together we can overcome any obstacles. We welcome any support from other organisations, public bodies, and companies as it can bring us one step closer to realizing our vision for a future where sexual health is recognised as an integral part of life, social stigma and discrimination are challenged, and each individual feels safe to express their sexuality.

The possibilities of us working together are endless. Below, we’ve outlined just a few examples.

Lunchtime Sessions

Sexual health is an integral part of our personal lives, but when it comes to interaction with others, it can affect our professional lives as well.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that all your employees feel safe and the workplace is free of harassment, discrimination, or unfair judgement.

Our centre is available for lunchtime sessions, where we come to your company and hold interactive workshops on a number of topics, including sexual harassment and violence and the role of a proactive bystander, treatment of people living with HIV, minority groups, and more.

We cover little-known advancements in sexual health like the U=U (Undetectable=Untransmittable) program that challenges stigma by making people aware that HIV positive people with a sustained undetectable viral load are not infectious to their sexual partners. We go beyond mere facts – some of our clients living with HIV are willing to share their personal stories.

For the companies involved in the manufacturing of the HIV medications, these stories can be proof of their work making a real difference and are invaluable.

Rapid HIV Testing

By working in partnership with HIV Ireland in Dublin, GOSHH in Limerick and AIDS West in Galway on a national HIV testing initiative called KnowNow, the Sexual Health Centre can provide rapid HIV testing of your employees, with the results being ready in just one minute. We can provide HIV testing both at your company or at our centre.

Media Partnerships

We are open to the work with all media and can provide a variety of exclusive stories with the unique insights into the less-known work of the Sexual Health Centre, intriguing figures, and inside stories from our clients. Contact our Communications Executive Nadia Reckmann to learn more.

Charity of the Month/Year

Focus your company’s attention on the Sexual Health Centre and name us your charity of the month/year. We would be happy to negotiate what we can do for you as part of the arrangement.


Whether you would like to make a one-time donation or become one of our prominent donors, we welcome your support and can provide additional exposure or keep your donation anonymous. You can support our Centre in general or provide a dedicated donation for one of our services or programs that you care most about.


We recognise that your staff’s time is extremely valuable and appreciate any support you can provide. We are often in need of extra help from people with specialised skills like graphic designers or (amateur) translators.

If you have any other ideas for collaboration or would like to get in touch to discuss one of the options above, please contact our Communications Executive Nadia Reckmann or our Centre directly 021 427 5837.