Contraceptive Injections

The contraceptive injection releases the hormone progestogen into a woman’s bloodstream to prevent pregnancy.

How does it work?

The hormone is injected into a muscle, usually during the first five days of a period, and is released very slowly into the body. Further injections are needed every 8-12 weeks. Discuss with your GP the best time to have your first injection.

How effective is it?

If used correctly, the injections are over 99% effective. As it lasts for up to 13 weeks you don’t have to think about contraception in terms of preventing an unwanted pregnancy every day like you would with a pill. However, you do have to remember to repeat the injection before it expires or becomes ineffective.
Remember, the contraceptive injections DO NOT protect you against STIs. 

Where do you get the Injectable Contraception?

This method of contraception can only be given by a doctor or a nurse. It is available on the GMS (Medical Card Scheme).