About Us

The Sexual Health Centre is a Not for Profit, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that was established in July 1987 as Cork AIDS Alliance.

Our knowledgeable team provides exhaustive and non-biased information, facilitates open dialogue and offers personal, free, and non-judgemental support to concerned groups and individuals regarding their sexual health, wellbeing, and sexuality.

Our vision is for a future where sexual health is recognised as an integral part of life, barriers to access sexual health services are removed, social stigma and discrimination are challenged, each individual feels safe to express their sexuality, and people make informed decisions regarding their sexual wellbeing and treat each other’s life choices with the utmost respect.

Our values include Dignity, Confidentiality, Accessibility, Equality, Partnership, Accountability, Inclusion, Quality, and Transparency.

At the Sexual Health Centre, we provide a wide range of mostly free services and advocate for the positive sexual health image.