With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here at the Sexual Health Centre we’re hosting a week-long campaign to promote healthy relationships. We want everyone to think about what love means to them, and what is and isn’t a healthy relationship. In other words, is your relationship healthy and hearty or unhealthy and heartless? And we don’t just mean a romantic relationship. A relationship is defined by the connection between people, be they husbands, wives, partners, friends, family or colleagues. The list is endless because we can love anyone – but hopefully in a healthy way. So what is love?  What is a healthy relationship? We believe that it…

  • Means respecting each other’s individuality
  • Means mutual trust
  • Requires communication
  • Brings more happiness than unhappiness into your life
  • Allows you both to feel comfortable with each other
  • Should never be violent or abusive
  • Should never be controlling
  • Is about give and take
  • Should be fun
  • Should be nurturing
  • Should make you feel supported
  • Should be patient and kind
  • Is a safe space
  • Means being yourself

So this week whether you’re attached or single use Valentine’s Day to think about your relationships – are they healthy or toxic, do they fulfil or drain you, are they enriching or damaging, positive or negative? Ask yourself what love means to you and share it with us on social media (Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeSexyStayHealthy/, Twitter: @SHC_Cork) using the hashtag #HealthyRelationships. And don’t forget if you or someone you know wishes to avail of our service please call our information line on 021 427 6676 or email us at info@sexualhealthcentre.com.