Working towards a society free from abuse

Seeking help and information on the issue of sexual violence can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly when urgently needed. Having to navigate a website without clear signposting to get to contact details or key information can be off-putting.

Rape Crisis Network Ireland has therefore recently developed a help site with information and signposting to support services for survivors of sexual violence and those seeking assistance on their behalf – is designed to provide vital information on sexual assault support services in a clear, easy-to-navigate manner to those who may be urgently seeking it.  It includes advice for those who may be feeling threatened, may have experienced sexual violence in the past, or who are seeking help or advice on behalf of others as well as information on child protection. They have also included a section for anyone concerned about another person’s aggressive sexual behaviour.

Their aim is to establish as a go-to point for anyone seeking urgent help (where they will be pointed in the direction of local services), or as a resource for anyone seeking information or support for abuse they or someone close to them may have suffered in the past.

The website  remains live with information, research and resources around sexual violence and their organisation and work. If you currently link to this site, please continue to do so where relevant.

Address: Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI), 4 Prospect Hill, Galway

For general enquiries contact 091 563676 or email

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