FIRST years in UCC are to be given four free condoms as part of their induction to
college life.
The students’ union has ordered in more than 7,000 condoms which will distributed during Fresher’s Week, which begins on Monday, September 24.If the four condoms prove not to be sufficient, the UCC students will also be able to purchase 10 condoms for 3 — or boxes of 144 for 30 from the offices of the students’ union.
Students in Cork were recently criticised by Lord Mayor Cllr John Buttimer, who called for the expulsion of those who engage in unruly behaviour.
He told the Evening Echo:

“They are up to everything — from urination to copulation in the front gardens
of houses in areas near the colleges — and it is not fair on those who they live beside.”

The students’ union say the handing out of free condoms to first years is part of a campaign to encourage young people to act responsibly and to encourage the practice of safe sex.