Adults who received sex education at home or in school were 1.5 times more likely to use contraception the first time they had sex, when compared with those who had received sex education from other sources. This finding is significant as there has been a decline over the two surveys in the number of parents reporting that they have spoken to their child about sex and related matters, from 82% to 70%.

The age of first sex has not decreased over the last 7 years. The median age remains 17 years for men and has increased slightly for women, to 18 years (from 17 years). 15% of 18-25 year olds surveyed had not had sex yet, compared to 13% in 2003. Approximately 90% of adults aged between18-25 reported that they used contraception the first time they had sex compared to 80% of 26-35 year olds. Those who received sex education that they considered to be helpful were almost twice as likely to use contraception when having sex for the first time.

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